Sala Ristorante


In our kitchen, the raw materials used for cooking are related both to the season and to the surrounding area. Enhancing Oltrepò food and wine aims at raising awareness of its different souls: the one of the hills, the one of the plain and the one of the river. For example, in winter some of the suggestions on the menu are stitched salami, ripened cheese, chestnuts, pumpkin and cabbage. The menu changes according to the supplies by our farmer friends, who are always supporting our effort to promote the area and to be able to trace  food back to its source.

The menu includes a wide selection of both traditional and vegetarian dishes such as pumpkin pie, cabbage rolls, foie gras, ravioli with stew sauce, barley and legumes soup, noodles with Oltrepò Pavese white truffle, pumpkin and chestnut gnocchi, large game with millstone ground polenta ottofile, controfiletto accomodato (a baked steak seasoned with Valle Staffora lardo, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and parsley), cod with onions and raisins.

The different bread loaves and the desserts are the result of Michela's handwork and imagination. Bread with raisins, walnuts, fennel seeds, radicchio rosso or bacon. Desserts as creme brulee with figs and chocolate bread, chestnut pudding, bonet with pears cooked in Sangue di Giuda (a fine sweet red wine), hot chocolate cupcake, hot apple brittle with creamy eggnog and ginger parfait.